SHU shoestore launch makes first page news

Why did we do it?
SHU was born in autumn 2009, to the joy of all shoe lovers in Estonia. We had to attract the attention of customers as soon as the first shop was opened, because there were plans to open another 10-15 shops in Estonia within a year. However, the resources that could be used for the opening campaign of the new brand were rather limited.

What did we do?
Our strategy was to buy media locally, but to influence buyers all over Estonia. Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre was opening its new extension, and we wanted most of the media coverage to be about SHU, and we wanted the story to be featured in the national news.  The client agreed to a very simple and easy to communicate special offer of its products to make up for the small media budget. This is how the concept ‘Shoes for 99 Kroons’ came about, and it was very attractive to consumers are the time. 

What was the result?
Media coverage of the new wing of Rocca al Mare did actually turn into coverage of the opening of the SHU footwear shop:  it was covered by approximately 30 large media channels, including a main feature on Reporter + thematic interviews with viewers. The sales plans for the opening weekend were exceeded more than twice. The opening campaigns of the next shops were successfully carried out with minimal funds.