Liviko Viru Valge brings the light into a dark Northern night

Why did we do it?
October is a dark month. This is the time when people still remember summer and sunlight, but the shadow of winter is looming large. During this dark time Viru Valge became the spokesperson of light and energy, a youthful and free instigator that injects people with the desire to keep going, to tune in to the right wavelength – to switch on the light. This is how the ‘Switch on’ campaign was born.

What did we do?
In addition to TV and printed media, we used online advertising and for the first time in Estonia relied on solutions that guaranteed special attention:

the ‘boomerang banner’ on and, which covered the entire site with the TV – for the first time ever, allowed someone to use a sitehat banner in its environment
SmartAD network – the special solution Intro was used for the first time.

What was the result?
The primary goal of the banner campaign was to attract attention and generate interest, and we managed to get ca 98,000 clicks in the course of the campaign. The CTR was very high: 1.93%.