Tallinn Department Store Shopping Rally proves its efficiency

Why did we do it?
Kaubamaja Osturalli is historically well known brand in Estonia, so to re-plan its campaign every year- it’s a challenge both to creative and media agency. There needs to be found a balance between familiarity and freshness. Additionally on 2013 there was e-shop opened.

What did we do?
We brought to the streets pink-white striped outdoor special solution, ran  on TV and radio short, but noteworthy spots, which is necessary due to the short period of the campaign. In internet we combined cost-effective networks (Google, Facebook, ClickIt) and traditional banners in mainstream news portals ( Delfi, Postimees) both in Estonian and Russian language.

What was the result?
The general goals for Osturalli got fulfilled: campaigns turnover grew 12 % compared to previous year’s Osturalli. During campaign period there were more then 56 000 unique visitors on Osturalli webpage, 86 000 visits and 380 000 page views. The percentage of new visitors was 51,9%, bounce rate was only 32,4% and in average the visit to the webpage lasted 4 minutes and 53 seconds. Even traditional banners’ bounce rate was only 50 % (average 80-85%), which shows that the banners were placed in correct positions and the people who clicked on them took really interest in the campaign.

On 2nd of October from 10:00-16:00 (when Osturalli started and the e-mails were sent out) Osturalli webpage got around 2000 visits and more than 9100 page views in an hour. On the most active hour there were 36 visits and 173 page views in a minute. The purchases on the webpage were made on 1335 occasions, which means that the conversion rate was 1.55% (for unique users 2,38%).