airBaltic brings holiday trips to mind

Why did we do it?
airBaltic is Latvian air travel company, whose home base is Riga airport. Many years they have concentrated in their marketing on short term sales campaigns, but by the end of 2013 it was clear that such strategy is short-sighted, since competitors were coming on strong and not always the message of best price was justified. We were looking for totally new way for doing marketing and we decided to turn to unique imago campaign.

What did we do?
In the centre of Tallinn 4 bus stations were branded according to airBaltic’s flight destinations- Rome, London, St. Petersburg and Abu Dhabi. In the same route were stations were branded also the branded airBaltic bus was driving. We even had real airBaltic flight attendants sharing tea and fliers both in stations and on the bus. Next to outdoor campaign, there was a radio game on air, which invited people to find branded bus stations and the first runner-up was awarded with a prize.

What was the result?
Campaign was a success! The sales of airBaltic gift cards went up three times during December 2013, compared to previous period. Considering that there was no special price offer, such a number is remarkable. Additionally there were spread over 3400 cups of tea and more than 7500 introducing airBaltic fliers.